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  • Dr. Eric Atwell D.V.M.
    Dr. Eric realized his passion early in life. As a young teenager he began to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine and started working at Orchards Veterinary Clinic. After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Animal Science, he attended Veterinary School at Mississippi State University. Dr. Eric's favorite part of being a veterinarian is seeing the bond and love people have with their pets and working with his talented staff. Dr. Eric enjoys meeting and developing friendships with his clients and their pets. As a Northwest Battle Buddies Board member, he supports the organization by taking care of therapy dogs in training that will be matched with war veterans suffering from PTSD. Dr. Eric's favorite hobbies include fishing, hunting, and enjoying nature. He also loves spending time at home with his large family which includes June the excited black labrador and her four sisters, Barry the wise cat, two large horses and two miniature horses.
  • Dr. A. Neilan Snowden B.V.Sc.
    Dr. Neilan grew up right here in Portland, Oregon where he attended Central Catholic High School. Dr. Neilan's journey into veterinary medicine began when he left the Northwest to attend the University of Colorado. After graduating with a degree in Biology, Dr. Neilan moved half way around the world to attend the prestigious Veterinary College, Massey Univeristy, located in New Zealand. Eventually Dr. Neilan returned to the Northwest to work at Orchards Veterinary Clinic. He loves Veterinary Medicine because it is such a diverse field and there is always room for growth and specialization. Dr. Neilan currently practices general medicine and surgery in dogs and cats, but would like to expand his knowledge of orthopedic surgery. His love of animals shows through his work and unwavering dedication to the veterinary field. In his spare time, Dr. Neilan enjoys taking long walks in the park with his best friend Indy, a playful golden retriever. Dr. Neilan is an accomplished woodworker and avid sports fan. He also enjoys fine dining, hiking and traveling the world.
  • Dr. Rachel Larson D.V.M
    Dr. Rachel has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was five. Her love of animals started with weekly trips to the Denver Zoo (Rachel is a Colorado Native) and then with her dogs, cat, gerbil and green anoles growing up. Rachel further pursued her love of animals and began riding horses and went on to compete at an international level. All the while Rachel devoted most of her time to her studies. She was initially drawn to the Pacific Northwest to attend Washington State University, where she completed bachelor’s degrees in Neuroscience and Spanish. Rachel then moved back to Colorado to attend Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She is happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest living with her husband, Erik, step-son, Kaiser and their Boston Terrier, Mia. In her free time Rachel enjoys cooking, crafting and exploring.
  • Dr. Steve Kubelun D.V.M.
    Dr. Steve Kubelun was born and raised in Ventura County, CA in a suburb just north of Los Angeles. He always had a deep love for animals and initially pursued careers in wildlife biology, animal training and zookeeping. Early in his college career, Dr. Steve switched his focus to veterinary medicine. He graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. Since then he has practiced in a variety of different hospitals in multiple states including CA, MD, DE, PA, VA, OR, and WA. Dr. Steve really enjoys working with pets and their families, building relationships and seeing the joy it brings to people when their sick or injured pet is brought back to health. Dr. Steve lives with his wife, Lori, daughter, Olive, and their dog, Dr. Finkelstein. When they are not outside hiking, snowshoeing, or nordic skiing, you can find them inside reading, watching movies, or baking.


Tangelo came to Orchards Veterinary as a feral cat in the summer of 2012. Tangelo had a large infected wound from being attacked by a coyote. For two months he lived in the clinic while getting life saving antibiotics and laser therapy. Eventually Tangey became part of OVC, he is no longer a feral, and now lives in the clinic full time. Tangelo's favorite activities include lounging on warm blankets (after they come out ot the dryer), eating any left over dog food and attacking techs when they're holding grumpy cats.

Fun Fact: Tangelo is a blood donor!


Billy came into Orchards Veterinary Clinic with severe trauma. His owners could not provide adequate care and thus he was signed over to Jen, a longtime OVC technician. After being hospitalized for more than a week, Billy finally got to go home. Although Billy does not reside at the clinic full time, he visits often and loves it. Some of Billy's favorite activities include eating, singing and boating.


Penny came into Orchards Veterinary in 2008 after swallowing a penny. Penny needed surgery, multiple blood transfusions and a little extra TLC. Penny was signed over to Jen and went home as soon as she was healthy. Penny enjoys surfing, chasing the UPS man and attacking the vaccum.

Fun Fact: See Penny's youtube video of her surfing behind the boat!


Chewy was born in the spring of 2002 on a honeybee farm in Ft. Lumpton, Colorado. Soon after, Dr. Neilan and Chewy began traveling the world together. Chewy has been to many fun places including New Zealand, California and even the Grand Canyon. Chewy enjoyed breakfast, dinner and doing tricks for food. In loving memory.....we miss you Chewy!

Fun Fact: Chewy's favorite activity was swimming with a tennis ball in his mouth! His second favorite activity happened twice a day at breakfast and dinner.


Norbert was rescued by Dr. Neilan at Orchards Veterinary Clinic in 2011. Norbert had severe urinary issues and the owners could not afford the life long financial commitment he required. Norbert was later adopted by an OVC technician named Lauren. A extremely vocal and outgoing feline, Norbert lives happily with Lauren in her cat friendly home. Norbert enjoys drinking from the bathroom sink, being swaddled like a baby and scratching his cat post.

Fun Fact: Like a dog, Norbert will come when he is called.



Alastor was born right here in the clinic! His mother is the beautiful french bulldog Fiona (below), owned by long time receptionist Hailey. Alastor was homed at 8 weeks old to OVC technician Lauren. Alastor enjoys spending time with his human family and doing a variety of tricks for treats. He loves spending time in public places, you might even see him out and about Vancouver sometime! (He loves McMenamins.)

Fun Fact: Alastor was named after a Harry Potter character!


Fiona traveled all the way from sunny Miami Florida to unite with her human mom, long time receptionist Hailey. She lives a very happy and pampered life here in Vancouver. She enjoys long walks along the river, snuggling up by the fire, and cuddling with her toys. Although she loves different activities, her most favorite thing is being a mom. She has mothered to some of the cutest and smartest french bulldog puppies, all of whom have found their forever homes throughout the nation.

Fun Fact: Fiona tells you she loves you by kicking out her back feet when you greet her.


Brandy was 11 weeks old when she was rescued from a pet shop by Lisa, a long time receptionist at OVC. Brandy is now eight years old and her favorite activity is swimming. Brandy really enjoys going for walks and chasing tennis balls. Brandy is such a sweet girl and really loves playing with little dogs.

Fun Fact: Brandy loves the water and has a special bond with Penny the Chihuahua!!


Coco came into OVC to be euthanized because his current owners could not take care of his special needs. Coco is a seizure dog. Dr. Neilan thought Coco deserved another chance at life and his owners were willing to sign him over to OVC. Soon after he went home with Lisa and has been improving ever since. Coco enjoys cuddling andlaying in the sun.

Fun Fact: Coco's favorite activity is riding in the car!!


Kahlua was given to the OVC receptionist Heather at the young age of seven weeks. The client let Heather pick her out and she chose her because of her blue eyes and unique markings. Kahlua enjoys herding people around the house and playing with her toys. She also loves to play fetch and run around outside.

Fun Fact: Kahlua loves to hangout at OVC and enjoys coming to work with Heather!


Bio coming soon!
Junior & Trina
Trina (right) was giving to Lynnsey as a gift when she was just 7 weeks old and has been by her side ever since. Trina is not your typical Pug, she's 1/4 Chihuahua, 3/4 Pug (we believe)! Trina is now 9 years old and tries her best to stay out of trouble, but she sure does love attention! Her daily activities consist of sunbathing, napping, and eating treats.
Trina's son, Junior (left) has been a part of Lynnsey life since the moment he was born in 2009! He has been coming into Orchards Veterinary Clinic since he was 8 weeks old. Junior is a Pug full of energy, which in the past, has gotten him into some trouble. Junior had an emergency foreign body surgery here at the clinic when he was just 1 1/2 years old. He also has undergone a series of laser therapy treatments for a slipped disc in his spine when he was only 3 years old.
Fun Facts:
Junior's full name is, 'Lil' Weezy Jr.' named after his father, 'Lil' Weezy' One of Juniors favorite things to do is to have a stuffed toy in his mouth and put it in your face. He wants to make sure you see it! ;)
Trina loves to dress up, especially in the Winter! :) Her most common nicknames are Mamas, Mama Girl, Miss Trina, and Trina FoFina. :)

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