• Dr. Eric Atwell D.V.M.
    Dr. Eric realized his passion early in life. As a young teenager he began to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine and started working at Orchards Veterinary Clinic. After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Animal Science, he attended Veterinary School at Mississippi State University. Dr. Eric's favorite part of being a veterinarian is seeing the bond and love people have with their pets and working with his talented staff. Dr. Eric enjoys meeting and developing friendships with his clients and their pets. As a Northwest Battle Buddies Board member, he supports the organization by taking care of therapy dogs in training that will be matched with war veterans suffering from PTSD. Dr. Eric's favorite hobbies include fishing, hunting, and enjoying nature. He also loves spending time at home with his large family which includes June the excited black labrador and her four sisters, Barry the wise cat, two large horses and two miniature horses.
  • Dr. A. Neilan Snowden B.V.Sc.
    Dr. Neilan grew up right here in Portland, Oregon where he attended Central Catholic High School. Dr. Neilan's journey into veterinary medicine began when he left the Northwest to attend the University of Colorado. After graduating with a degree in Biology, Dr. Neilan moved half way around the world to attend the prestigious Veterinary College, Massey Univeristy, located in New Zealand. Eventually Dr. Neilan returned to the Northwest to work at Orchards Veterinary Clinic. He loves Veterinary Medicine because it is such a diverse field and there is always room for growth and specialization. Dr. Neilan currently practices general medicine and surgery in dogs and cats, but would like to expand his knowledge of orthopedic surgery. His love of animals shows through his work and unwavering dedication to the veterinary field. In his spare time, Dr. Neilan enjoys taking long walks in the park with his best friend Indy, a playful golden retriever. Dr. Neilan is an accomplished woodworker and avid sports fan. He also enjoys fine dining, hiking and traveling the world.


Tangelo came to Orchards Veterinary as a feral cat in the summer of 2012. Tangelo had a large infected wound from being attacked by a coyote. For two months he lived in the clinic while getting life saving antibiotics and laser therapy. Eventually Tangey became part of OVC, he is no longer a feral, and now lives in the clinic full time. Tangelo's favorite activities include lounging on warm blankets (after they come out ot the dryer), eating any left over dog food and attacking techs when they're holding grumpy cats.

Fun Fact: Tangelo is a blood donor!

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